My name is Paul Harding.
EMF Consultant

Total EMF Solutions started as a personal journey and a fight for my life. I experienced a complete breakdown in my sleep after a smart meter was installed on my bedroom wall in the beginning of 2011. I woke up many times in the middle of the night which were the same times the meter would "dump data".  This led to low levels of melatonin and may lead others to chronic illness. The inability to repair during sleep may be directly or indirectly linked to cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, dementia, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, auto immune disorder, ADD/ADHD, along with other incurable chronic diseases. After further research I found that smart meters produce frequencies (<50 kHz) on the home wiring and electric field.  These correlate with those that are used to open the sodium and potassium ion channels.

Some of my clients suffer from low potassium and the same symptoms

Here is a list of my personal symptoms that began to develop after a smart meter was installed on my home.

 Leg Cramps at night
Acid Reflux
 Heart Palpitations
 Numbness in hands and arms, especially when waking up.
Bleeding Gums
 Hair Loss
 Difficulty Concentrating
 Weight Gain
 Eye Problems
 Sinus Infections
 Easily susceptible to the flu
 Memory loss
 Diabetes, high blood sugar.

The effects of man made EMF are cumulative but began to abate once I started sleeping in an area with very low levels of exposure.  

Once I found relief, my focus in life became studying the source of the problem. I got rid of my TV and devoted my time to thousands of studies showing the biological effects of man made electromagnetic radiation or EMF on the cell. I am self-taught having learned from my three brilliant mentors  Sam Milham MD, MPH, Dave Stetzer, and Dr. Martin Graham.

Purchasing the proper scientific equipment allowed me to begin by mitigating my own home.

I have had the privilege of helping others solve their EMF related problems in their homes or workplace. As word of mouth spread, I decided to offer my services as a consultant. After finding above average exposure in bedrooms of those that couldn't sleep well, I realized that I wasn't the only one suffering. Once successfully mitigating these fields, people and animals have been experiencing positive results.  

My lemon has become lemonade as I hear the stories of lives being changed through awareness of a secret so often made fun of. It reminds me of Ignaz Semmelweis, the guy ridiculed for disinfecting his hands between delivering babies.

​​Please feel free to contact me.


I can only say that I wish I had found Paul about 1.5 years ago when I started to get odd health issues. Paul tested my home with various equipment to report on different issues, such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), radio frequencies (RF) and dirty electricity. He explained the issues at hand.

I entrusted Paul, followed his advice and got an education. He remedied my home and I finally feel that my body can recoup at night from a good night’s sleep and that my home is a lot more safe. Here's how Paul helped me...


I have a personal example with respect to health problems and EMFs. My wife and I recently had our home tested for EMF densities, as she had been experiencing chronic sleep problems, would awaken with a headache and experience early morning fatigue nearly every day for at least a year.

The EMF assessment by Paul Harding revealed that the average reading for our home was 170.84 uW/m^2. When the area around our bed was assessed, the level ran up to 180 uW/m^2. It was explained that our all-metal four-poster bed was acting as an amplifier, creating a hotspot for electromagnetic energy.

One by one, we unplugged our WiFi devices, cordless phones and router, watching the readings decrease to a level of .12 uW/m^2. The next four evenings, with all WiFi shut off, my wife slept soundly and woke up refreshed, without a headache. .




Total Emf Solutions; Expert EMF Testing Specialist and Consultant

 Thanks for all of your help yesterday. The wife and I are really glad we called you. We learned more talking to you yesterday than we did from months of searching the internet. I feel like before we were throwing darts in the dark hoping anything would help. With what you've taught us now we have a clear direction to proceed. With all of that comes the most important thing of all, (which up to now we had been all but completely lacking) hope.
We can't thank you enough,
Erik and Becca


Back in July of 2013, I woke up very suddenly in the middle of the night with severe tingling and light headedness, feeling like I was going to faint. It was very scary, needless to say. I had recurring episodes like that over the next few months often and always worse at night. I went to my doctor which is through Mayo so I have access to good medical care and testing. Over the next few weeks, I had many tests...extensive blood on multiple occasions, urine, cardiac stress test/ultrasound, nerve conduction, 24 hr blood pressure monitor (I have low BP), and neurological including MRI OF BRAIN. Fortunately, nothing was found but it was all quite scary and alarming. After all that, we were thinking it was perhaps related to hormones and menopause and I then went to a natureopath who did more detailed hormonal testing, etc. etc. The cream she put me on did nothing for these symptoms  More.... 

Update Hi Paul.. been meaning to write to you  for awhile. Thanks for keeping me on your list… I like keeping up with what you send.
We are doing well.. I have no more symptoms and although Kyle had a rough summer, he’s had a great 9 months and his sleep problems don’t exist anymore and haven’t for quite awhile.

I moved into a new home and there was an awful EMF issue. I brought over an EMF expert to test the entire home and it was worse than I thought because I only had a mg meter. However, it was all completely fixable without too much cost (a couple thousand dollars). We couldn't sleep, my dog developed what sounded like sleep apnea, I gained the most weight I had ever gained in my life within 12 months of living here, and my girlfriend and I started fighting like we never did before.

ISSUE: Huge magnetic reading in bedroom - turns out there was a wire connected improperly in the wall.
FIX: Found the bad wiring connection and corrected it. Complete Fix. MG readings in bedroom reduced dramatically.

ISSUE: Dirty electricity flowing through sockets throughout the house. A lot of it had to do with dirty electricity coming from the grid, the smart meter on the house, and the smart appliances in the house.
FIX: Installed multiple Stetzer filters at the source of electricity at the electrical box, then more throughout the house. Removed dimmer switches and removed the smart meter. The dirty electricity readings are at safe levels throughout the house.

Additional Fix: Installed a remote kill switch that turns off half of the house (my bedroom and surrounding areas). I turn it off at bedtime each night.

RESULT: My dogs sleep apnea went away completely, I lost five pounds within 60 days, we sleep like a baby, and my girlfriend and I completely stopped fighting. Some other interesting things occurred from an emotional perspective.

Pretty amazing stuff, and I didn't have to sell my house which I was just about to do!! The stories my EMF consultant told me about other people that went through the same thing are pretty incredible, from infertility to psychological issues completely disappearing after EMFs are fixed in the home.

​J. Power