An example of dirty electricity created by a dimmer switch. 

An example of a wiring error.

This video reviews dirty electricity and CFL light bulbs.

Testing, reporting, mitigating, and verifying is our specialty.

Clients come to us for various reasons; we have the answers. With some of the most advanced equipment available the source or sources are located so that exposure to radiofrequency (RF), electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and/or dirty electricity (DE) can be lowered and most of the time eliminated. With our assistance, clients are experiencing the difference for themselves.

There are many ways electrosmog is produced. For example, an error in your home's wiring may cause an unnecessary large  AC magnetic field. Another source could be a power quality issue known as dirty electricity. There are many unsuspecting devices that produce RF and it's impossible to know what your exposure is until the area is tested. 

Free inspection if "no concern" levels are found within the sleeping area.
2012 Bioinitiative Report no concern levels are:

AC Electric Field strength with ground potential in volts per meter V/m < 1
​AC Electric Field strength potential-free in volts per meter V/m < 0.3
​Body voltage with ground potential in millivolts mV < 50 mV
RF radiation 27 MHz - 6 GHz < .10 uW/m^2
AC Magnetic Field in milliGauss mg <0.20

This video gives an example of how to hard wire an iPad the old way. As of March 23rd 2016, Apple has released a new adapter. Called the USB 3 Camera adapter. This is now the preffered method for hardwiring your iPhone or iPad.


Consultant locates error in wiring. This error created a high magnetic field. The utility company resolved the issue on their side.
Note: This is one example of the many different wiring issues that can occur.

Consultant tests home after special window tint and RF deflecting paint were applied to protect the homeowner from cell tower radiation. Regular house paint will be applied over the black RF paint.

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Sample videos of mitigating man made fields.