Testing, mitigating, and verifying is our specialty.

With some of the most advanced equipment available, we test for and locate biologically active frequencies such as radio frequencies (RF), electric, ground current, contact current, and dirty electricity. 

With our assistance, clients are experiencing the difference for themselves. Better health has been the common denominator. 

A list has been compiled of common symptoms experienced by past clients suffering from harmful EMF exposure. Once the home was cleaned up they vanished.

These symptoms are listed at NASA ,and within Naval Medical Research Institute papers:

Insomnia, can't sleep, waking often, can't get back to sleep

Night Sweats
click to listen 10 kHz. This frequency is found in homes with dirty electricity. 
Leg Cramps at night

Acid Reflux, Stomach Pain

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

Autoimmune Diseases
Heart Palpitations
Numbness in hands and arms, especially when waking up
Bleeding Gums
Hair Loss
Difficulty Concentrating
Weight Gain


Hormonal Imbalance, thyroid and pituitary gland
Eye Problems
Sinus Infections
Easily susceptible to the flu
Memory Loss

Diabetes, high blood sugar


Low Libido/ED


The Havana Syndrome, most likely from EMF exposure

Total Emf Solutions; Expert EMF Testing Specialist and Consultant

This video gives an example of how to hard wire an iPad using an Ethernet connection. It's recommended to use an Apple USB 3 Camera adapter.