Total Emf Solutions; Expert EMF Testing Specialist and Consultant

To remedy exposure from two cell towers about ½ mile away, Paul helped me to install a canopy shield over our bed. We tested it with his equipment. It went from ~19.00 microwatts per sq. meter to 0.02. This was amazing—a retreat and reprieve.

Prior to the above installation I was clocking my awakening times during the night. Quite a few of these readings coincided with the utility companies’ data dumping to the GRID. My husband and I weren't getting the solid sleep that a body needs to feel rested and as a result, we were feeling nervous tension, lack of patience and were irritable. This sounds odd, but I was also clenching my jaws at night.

It’s been a few months now and my husband and I are sleeping much better, my back does not ache like it used to and I don't have to sleep with a mouth guard. My jaw was clenching at night and I am so relieved. We feel rested and more calm. I don’t wake up nearly as much as I used to. My research on these issues coincides with the saying, “What you don’t see, can hurt you.” The future is now and I hope people start to realize it and to take action to protect themselves.