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I began to read about EMF sensitivity which I came upon purely by accident by talking to people, etc. etc. In looking up when we got our new  (and much more powerful router with two networks on it), it was the exact date my symptoms started! WOW! 

We started taking steps in the house to decrease exposure, especially turning the router off at night, getting rid of our iron headboard which was potentially conducting electricity (I vibrated when I touched it), making sure phones, Ipads, etc., were off at night. I saw a definite improvement particularly with the router (accidentally tested when we left it on by mistake a few times). 

 As you remember, I requested that you both turn your routers off at night when your internet was not being used because we pick up both your signals in our house. These signals are very very powerful. 

Fast forward to about a month ago when I decided to have the EMF's and dirty electricity in the house tested. I found out through Paul Harding, who tests homes and helps people clean them up, that Kyle's room was the worst room in the house for EMF's AND electricity and the worst EMF place tested to be his pillow and favorite chair in his room!!! 

Without going into a lot of detail, Kyle has had a very rough summer with regards to sleep issues. Worse than ever in his life. In July while we were gone, he hardly slept for 10 days and when we got back, it continued. It took a combo of powerful drugs to get him to sleep after 12 nights of 0-3 hrs. of sleep. He was doing scary things due to the sleep deprivation. When he finally caught up, he was left with continuing sleep issues though not as severe but often required a sleeping pill or ativan or both to go to or stay asleep. 

Well Paul had us immediately take the two wireless cameras out of his room (there was a third  camera while we were gone in July), unplug our cordless phones (we had two complete units with a total of 7 lines). We have the old fashioned landlines now and needed to get rid of our Verizon home phone service which was like having another router in the house. We also got rid of our ADT wireless calling network and went back to dial up. We called APS and had our smart meter removed.

Kyle began sleeping for 8 hours/night just by doing the above. It has changed our lives!!! We look forward to more improvement in Kyle as he has struggled other related health issues for a very long time. Needless to say, I was sleep deprived as well. Neil has struggled with his own sleep issues for years now, as well. We have not used a sleeping medication with Kyle in a month. 

Turn wireless routers off at night.

Nobody needs to bathe in EMFs while sleeping (they are linked to irregular heartbeat amongst many other things. We discovered that our router has a button where you can just turn the wireless feature off while leaving the unit on. In fact we are going to Ethernet cables so we can do it all the time.

Gayle Nobel Phoenix, Arizona