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Cryptochrome!  What is that?

Sounds like kryptonite from Superman" Well it may play just as an important role in our everyday life or should I say in our every-night life. Long ago back before the 1900's when there was no man made electric and magnetic fields people would go to sleep shortly after dark and awake at dawn. Insomnia was unheard of. So what has changed? Could it be something that effects our circadian rhythm like light? That's what science is showing today. It's actually a magneto-receptor located in the retina and is unable to tell the difference between light and man made EMF.  

I like the name electrosmog or EMF when explaining man made electromagnetic fields. EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency. Electrosmog is dirty power and compared to dirty water. When it's clean it cannot pass through the skin, but when it's dirty it is absorbed by vital organs. Cryptochrome can't tell the difference because light and man made EMF is identical in properties, just using a different wavelength.

Microwave frequency is small, hence the term "micro". It oscillates the dipole of the water molecule and when given lots of power it heats food rapidly. So now we have wireless devices using the same frequencies as microwave ovens penetrating our skin being absorbed by the eye. The pigment in the eye doesn't recognize it because the frequency is too slow. After all microwave frequency does exist in the universe but is absorbed by the water in our atmosphere. Our eyes weren't made to detect it because we have no use for seeing this slow wave? Just like frequencies that are inaudible to us but not to our pets.

Alright, you are saying to yourself what is the mechanism with our sleep and cryptochromes? When this gene is activated via electromagnetic fields it sends a message back to the pineal gland via the suprachiasmatic nuclei telling it that light is present. Why is this message so critical? Because the pineal gland produces melatonin when light or electromagnetic fields aren't present. Melatonin is key to fighting cancer, looking younger, dental hygene , and diabetes. It's the number one antioxident produced naturally in the body and it only happens when the cryptochrome is not agitated.